Section 3: Remote and On-Screen Menus. Using the Remote to Control your EDGE. Menus and User Interface. Menu Organization. Menus: Main. Page 1 DVDO EDGE High Definition Video Processor & Hub Product Manual Supplement for Firmware Releases and Section 3: How to Update Firmware for your DVDO EDGE Updating EDGE Firmware using a PC Updating EDGE Firmware using a Macintosh Computer Section 1: About this. View and Download DVDO EDGE GREEN product manual online. High Definition Video Processor & Hub. EDGE GREEN Media Converter pdf manual.

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parable value, at the option of DVDO, without charge to you for parts or actual repair . This Owner's Manual will help you set up your iScan Duo, and provide the .. the edge of the screen: otherwise, the display is overscanning the signal from. manual or to a specific page on the DVDO website. In this Owner's Manual, This mode gives you minimal latency with edge-adaptive processing. The total. Scaling up to 4K/60 – Auto, DVDO (Manual), and Bypass modes .. Edge Enhancement will affect both SD and HD video types and is used specifically to.

Use this option if you want EDGE to remain powered down even if input signals become active.

DVDO Iscan Duo

Auto Standby is continued on the next page. This is useful in cases where you may not have an active video signal, but you may have an active audio signal passing through EDGE.

In this case, you want EDGE to remain powered on. To use this control, you must select Component 1 or Component 2, otherwise, this menu item will be grayed out.

Component Input is continued on the next page. Most component inputs will have sync on the Y signal and should use Single Sync. In version 1. PReP can be enabled for p inputs.

Previous firmware versions worked only for p and p input formats. Plug the removable power cord into a wall outlet or power conditioner, if applicable. Press the 'Adjust' button one time.

You should see 'RGB'. Press the 'Output Setup' button one time.

Performing a hard reset of the iScan should clear any memory errors and reboot the unit to its factory default p component output. If you still get an error message after performing a hard reset, contact our Technical Support department for assistance.

The iScan will reboot to its factory default. A green picture usually means that a component video signal is being sent to the RGBHV input of a display.

Video Reference Series technologies that come standard:

This signal will not be digitized to come out of the DVI output. This cable is available directly from us on our website and through our resellers. Verify that your display is HDCP-compliant.Verify that your display is HDCP-compliant.

We also know how important it is to be able to get a response when you need help, so you'll often find us working long hours in an effort to get you the answers that you need. All other dvdo units have 2d comb filters.

If you still get an error message after performing a hard reset, contact our Technical Support department for assistance. We sincerely hope that you will find our heritage of courtesy, honesty, and an ethical way of doing business to be a refreshing experience. This control was put into the Main Menu to allow quick access.

Auto Wake Up is continued on the next page. Save the packing materials in case you need them later.

If the OSD is not visible on the display's screen by pressing one of the sub-menu buttons on the remote control, then the Output Setup of the iScan must be configured to work with the input that is being used on the display. If you have had enough of outsourced support or worse yet, companies that do not even publish a phone number or a functional email address, we think you will be absolutely delighted that you found our company.

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